Monkey Business

Monkey see, monkey do. Monkey question, monkey write.

A bunch of silly ideas, scattered thoughts, and eclectic opinions will fill this blog. And the subject matter dealt with will comprise environmental issues, current events, and even personal stories. In this way, the main course of the day will vary; one day bananas, another evolution.

Welcome to my monkey business, reader!

Panel 1


This monkey is called Mariana.

She is 24.

She comes from Colombia, the land of Magical realism.

She thinks in English and in Spanish.

She is a skeptic and a dreamer. A naturalist and a feminist.

She seeks fiction and factual truth. Mountains and people watching. Black coffee and wine.

And she will choose books over tv shows. Music over silence. Rain over sun. Protests over conformity. And anything over prejudice.

Panel 2